Friday, February 22, 2013

Socially social

Gone those days where you had little privacy not only in your room but in your life. The things that you feel you want to keep among your circle, your loved ones; or keep it close to your heart.
Yeah, secret but-not-so-secret.
Those time, people meet up to spend some quality time, and catch up with things, and going back home feeling 'ohmyfriend-I-miss-her, She-didn't-change-an-ounce'. You do think about the date again. And, the meet up remains only between you two or the group (we friends hang out in groups). Priceless moments!

Now it's a trend. People meet up for lunch, just around 15mins, have gibberish talking, snap loads of photos, upload instantly. And they have the same-lame-name,'outing with crazy friends, outing with bestie';and two third of the outings would be in malls with only their pictures eating, posing, the worst-toilet background. (I would have used 'restroom', that sounds too decent for this situation).

Those days, we meet friends with an agenda, as I've said earlier. Now, they meet up just to show the world how social their life is. Lunch with A, at 3star restaurant, Tea with B at J.Co, Dinner with C...... and it goes on. And I think it's getting expensive, too. They have to wear really beautiful outfit, studded ballet shoes, hair well trimmed, leather bags, meet up in well-known franchise( food ordered must be in the pic)-just to look stylish in the picture. I mean, What-The-Heck???? It really get to my nerves when I see such photos, and the lame caption.

I still feel special when I meet up my old friends, do something crazy, laugh till jaws ache, and thinking about the date after that. Letting it be private;unless its like a trip- it has more value gripped on it. We share only certain things with the world. A closed book has more value than an open book :) (chewah, berfalsafah)

Go for cause together, do some campfire with friends, bake cookies with friends- upload those things, I can see your friendship values! That's what fun all about.

There was a time I came across this, ' outing with crazy frenz'-24 pics, and I don't see anything but same few people in front of a temporary deco the mall set up for a festival. What do you think I can do? A big Sigh!

Maybe because I don't like such social meet-ups and again meet up in malls, oh god.

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